Temperature Monitor

​​The Temperature Monitor is a fully integrated analog IP
supervising the junction temperature (TJ) of the device.

Key Features

​​Fully integrated
Small area & low power
Trimming at room temperature
Accurate trimming
Silicon proven


  • fully-integrated analog IP monitoring the junction temperature (TJ)
  • two active-high alarm signals:
    • one alarm signal indicating that TJ < TJ_low
    • one alarm signal indicating that TJ > TJ_high
  • two trimming methods of the temperature detection thresholds:
    • ±1.5°C accuracy method requiring temperature steps at TJ_low and TJ_high
    • ±5.0°C accuracy method involving only one step at 25°C
  • operating junction temperature range: -40°C to 125°C
  • minimum/maximum nominal values of the accurate trimming method:
    • min(TJ_low) = -38.5°C
    • max(TJ_high) = 123.5°C
  • minimum/maximum nominal values of the ambient trimming method:
    • min(TJ_low) = -35.0°C
    • max(TJ_high) = 120.0°C
  • power-supply voltage range: nominal core voltage ±10%
  • typical characteristics of a 65 nm CMOS implementation:
    • wake-up time shorter than 50 µs
    • operating current smaller than 50 µA
    • standby current lower than 40 nA
    • silicon area smaller than 0.04 mm²
  • silicon proven in 130 nm, 110 nm, 65 nm and 55 nm CMOS processes


  • GDSII stream and layer map file
  • Library Exchange Format (LEF) file
  • Circuit Description Language (CDL) netlist
  • Liberty timing file (.lib)
  • VHDL behavioral model
  • design specification

Please contact sales@invia.fr for any further information.