ISO 7816-3 Integrated Circuit Card Digital Controller

​​The ISO 7816-3 Integrated Circuit Card (ICC) Digital Controller is a fully integrated protocol manager intended for smart cards.

Key Features

​​ISO 7816-3 compliant
ETSI TS 102 221 compliant
EMV 2000 compliant
Low gate count
Silicon proven


  • fully compliant with the ISO/IEC 7816-3, ETSI TS 102 221 and EMV 2000 standards
  • character protocol supported (T=0)
  • block transmission protocol supported (T=1)
  • clock stop mode supported
  • most Elementary Time Unit (ETU) standard values supported up to 8 (PPS 97)
  • ETU=6 supported for test purposes
  • fast TX to RX return
  • shared 256 bytes RX/TX buffer
  • gate count:
    • less than 4 kgates for the core (NAND2 equivalent)
    • 10 kgates for the RX/TX buffer (can be replaced by a 256 byte RAM cut)
  • digital filtering of the I/O and RST inputs
  • high-throughput synchronous mode for test procedures
  • straightforward integration through AMBA APB interface (customized on request)
  • C low-level API:
    • bytes transmission/reception
    • digital controller configuration
    • fast TX/RX return
    • clock stop management
  • proven track record through mass production in 130 nm CMOS process
  • silicon proven in 130 nm, 65 nm and 55 nm CMOS processes
  • analog front end available separately


  • VHDL source codes
  • VHDL test benches
  • Synopsys synthesis scripts
  • C low-level API
  • design specification

Please contact for any further information.