Electromagnetic Pulse Detector

​​The Electromagnetic Pulse Detector is a fully digital sensor against EM and body biasing fault injections.

Key Features

High sensitivity
Standard cell like
Ultra low power
Very compact
​Easy integration



  • f​​ully digital architecture packaged as a standard cell
  • totally compliant with any standard cell design flow
  • robust detection of EM and body biasing fault injections
  • detection of both front-side and back-side EM injections
  • EM pulse susceptibility higher than that of standard designs
  • detection of fault injection at both rising and falling edges
  • permanent check of the internal output signals coherence
  • detector size smaller than 75 equivalent NAND2 gates
  • silicon proven on several families of advanced FPGA
  • successfully evaluated by an independent laboratory



  • GDSII stream and layer map file
  • Library Exchange Format (LEF) file
  • Circuit Description Language (CDL) netlist
  • Liberty Timing File (.lib and .db)
  • VHDL behavioral model
  • design specification​

Please contact sales@invia.fr for any further information.