HADES - Embedded test infrastructure for on-line secure measurements

​​​​​​​​​​​​HADES (Hierarchy-Aware and secure embedded test infrastructure for Dependability and performance Enhancement of integrated Systems​) aims at developing a hierarchical test infrastructure for on-line secure measurements within integrated circuits and electronic systems. In turn, these on-line measurements will enable self-testing, enhancing dependability features and, in general, facilitating uninterrupted high performance operation, while guaranteeing security requirements.


The project goal is to dev​elop an infr​​astructure enabling on-line safe and secure measurements, putting in place hierarchical tests for integrated circuits and electronic systems and thereby, guarantee high performance and on-line self-testing in a secure environment. The project envisions creating benefit at system and user levels thanks to the test infrastructure reused for hierarchical on-line tests in the respective field of application.

  • WP1 defines the needs and specifies the Hierarchical System Test Accessibility & Reusability (backbone of the Test Infrastructure) to be used by others WPs
  • WP2 provides Advanced Embedded Test Instruments & associated tools to be used in WP3 (it corresponds to the core of the Test Infrastructure)
  • WP3 develops and exploits the new capabilities offered by ETIs ( it is creating the Added Value from Test Infrastructure)
  • WP4 defines and ensures the necessary Security in Test as a constraint to WP1
  • WP5 embeds Demonstrators, Dissemination, Marketing and Exploitation of the overall project results

Societal impact / Results​

​HADES will answer societal needs for connected and secure objects; it is creating the missing link from the Electronic System to the Electronic Components, the security of this link will be guaranteed. The quality, reliability and robustness of the Electronic System will be improved thanks to the monitoring of the Electronics Components which will provide data on ageing, failure detection, diagnosis, etc... HADES will help ensuring trusted components and subsystems for smart and secure applications and will also facilitate the deployment of securely connected objects as IoT. 

HADES will contribute in the safety of :
Emerging automotive smart applications
Medical applications (as by e.g. in a sensor, an equipment or a transmission system)
Avionic sand space domains
HADES will also be key to increase quality, performance and energy efficiency by means of continuous monitoring and adaptation.

Looking ahead​

Offering more robustness and dependability to systems’ makers, HADES project will provide a key differentiator to the European innovations actors. It appears as a crosscutting contribution to the main European market value chains. The project universality (on-line test and dependability) will make results directly applicable to the project use cases markets (automotive, home/building automation) and, with adoptions, to any other market. ​


D4T Systems
IROC Technologies
INVIA Secure Semiconductor Meyreuil
JTAG Technologies BV
NXP Semiconductors
Thales Communication and Security
TIMA Laboratory / Grenoble Institute of Technology
University of Twente
Université Pierre & Marie Curie / Laboratoire  d’informatique de Paris 6​

Involved countries