4TRAX - Advanced container traking and monitoring solution

​​Where is my container?

Knowing all that has happened to a shipping container during its journey is now possible. The service is called 4TRAX, it's new and it's revolutionising the industry.

Beginning in early 2014, the 4TRAX service will allow tracking your containers, wherever they may be across the globe, and monitoring all events arising between shipment and arrival at final destination. Status changes, location, movements, impacts or infractions... a tracking patch will keep you up to date almost instantaneously of the container's status. Stay informed, everywhere, at all times. 4TRAX​ ​relies on an efficient management system, flawless traceability and more robust security.

4TRAX​, a solution currently being developed by Marseille-based company TRAXENS, is the result of a collaboration between leading French stakeholders in the freight ecosystem: MGI, GREENMODAL Transport, research laboratories and SMEs specialising in the design of secure microprocessors (Invia), energy recovery systems and M2M (Machine to Machine) connectivity.

Stay informed, everywhere, all the time

Transporting a containerised cargo involves scheduled or unscheduled events or incidents at any point between its stuffing centre through to its final destination. These may include administrative status changes, movements, location or any interference or impacts sustained by the goods and from now on can all be monitored by professionals almost in real-time.

Shipping and forwarding agents, terminal and customs operatives will benefit from improved traceability, surveillance, safety, security and productivity thanks to knowledge of these events. Information on interference or impacts will result in lower insurance costs. Administrative and commercial information carried by the patch will offer protection against corruption and falsification of legal guarantees.

The environment is not being overlooked

From an environmental perspective, 4TRAX​ will measure the carbon footprint of each cargo, which will be passed on to the end customer who may then decide to opt for more ecological modes of transport at the pre/post routing stage.​

Added value for MGI customers​

When developing the AP+ Cargo Community System (CCS), MGI defined business processes for both private and public professionals. Today, the company is continuing to develop the CCS, by integrating the new needs of transport professionals at both industry and regulatory level.​

MGI's role in the 4TRAX​ project is to improve the performance and security of goods transit through the port by integrating AP+ into 4TRAX​ . Information flows available within AP+ will be integrated into the 4TRAX patch, and then made accessible to everyone involved in the goods transport process.

Performance and stronger security​

MGI will also be abze to notify customers of events / incidents and the goods' location, neither of which is currently possible within AP+. This information will then be managed within the CCS, for example AP+ will issue an alert in the event of an impact or hazard and all those concerned with the shipment will be notified.

The geographic range of AP+ will be extended to cover information about events occurring up and downstream of the port, as well as in the port area itself.

Full-scale tests are being conducted in collaboration with GREENMODAL Transport on CMA-CGM containers. Marketing of these services is scheduled to begin in early 2014.

4TRAX​ is accredited by the "Solutions Communicantes Sécurisées" (SCS - Secure Communication Solutions) and "Mer" competitiveness clusters. It is co-funded by the French Single Interministerial Fund and supported by the French Customs and Excise Authority, the PACA Logistique cluster and CRITT Transport et Logistique.